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Live Love: my trip to Galesburg, IL October 13, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Live Love
Originally uploaded by Skewgee.

graveyards and pinics on the sidewalk. happiness in the cemetary, just another road trip.

Click here for more photographic clues representing my perspective on the trip.



1. sweetdagger - October 14, 2005

First of all I want to say, nice pictures. Well done. Some are a bit fuzzy, but I enjoyed viewing them overall.
Secondly, I want to ask… how do you think I can locate my old email file? It wasn’t a file I specificly made myself but once we had aol as our main server I had an automatic filing cabinet, storing everything. There is a clip I really really want to find and send to you. To everyone, in fact.
Third, thank you for my cd I have not yet listenend to.
Now, I hibernate into a deep, deep sweet slumber.

2. sweetdagger - October 14, 2005

also, Angie’s sn…

3. anonymous - October 14, 2005

the sort of bliss one can only find in the midwest.

i don’t know if i’ve ever been to galesburg, but i think i know the emotions you’re talking about.

(whoops, this will post as anonymous. it’s ben.)

4. lostininerspace - October 15, 2005

so how do i steal some of these from you?

5. skewgee - October 18, 2005

e-mail me and i can send them to you as a batch

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