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Freedom is an illusion October 23, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

The honeymoon is over. Good Karma has overstayed it’s welcome, and the rent is due. Too much room service, not enough business on this trip. It’s only a ride. Now begins a period of atonement for our trespasses, including those on ourselves (as if the trespasses on others was enough).
Learn to forgive again, especially ourselves. Christ are humans self-destructive to no end. No puns intended. This includes you as well, you ought to know. Rides take tickets, and you need to realize there isn’t any more cotton candy.
The alternative is no better. We would have to learn our lessons the hard way, all over again. And again. Maybe we need that water tossed in our face, because we’re passing out on the front lawn of reality.
Hell, it’s more rewarding this way isn’t it. Stop putting these problems aside, and cut off the impulse. Your pulse still beats in your free time.
Don’t tie this dog down – Leave me on the moon.
WTF happened this week. You spent your entire childhood demanding to be treated as an equal. You only wanted the spoils of things you selfish fuck. They go hand in hand. Unfortunately, their responsibility is defered, as are their freedoms. You don’t have to accept it, but you’d like to pretend otherwise. Down the hatch, something like 6 feet underground. Welcome to it – reality.
I swear to god if people continue trying to impress me with lies and hype, it will become unberable to hang out for the moments in between that i actually hang out with you for. Keep living that lie, that dream. I’m going to try this whole living life thing. Help wanted.



1. skarecrowman - October 24, 2005

should i go somewhere else to hang out tonight?

2. lostininerspace - October 24, 2005

sending you hugs and a rent free environment, you just have to deal with the cramped life that is my dorm.
missing you
talk soon?

3. skewgee - October 24, 2005

i intend too.
free writing was fun.

4. skewgee - October 24, 2005

you should have a sleep over here

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