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With Eyes Opened October 24, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Things have been really clear lately. It’s harvest season, and celebration feasts begin. I am harvesting seeds planted over previous times. My eyes have been open. Some of it is absolutely lucid and beatiful, and other things are rancid and horrifying. Like the “remixed” customizible Bible, I am observing an objectively independant, yet unifed universe subjectively. I’m not fully ready to share it all yet, so this will have to suffice. Too much. The feelings are overwhelming when you’re used to thinking too much and feeling too little. Exausting and spectacular.
Photos and such to come out later this week. They’re just glimpses. I love you all, honestly. And that is what hurts the most (disapointment).


1. sweetdagger - October 25, 2005

am I the rancid and horrid?

2. skewgee - October 25, 2005

fortunately you are mostly “the lucid and beautiful”, though you have episodes (as do we all). sometimes the lucidity becomes such that I’m sure I must be dreaming. then i just remember that I need to close my eyes first.

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