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Titled (abridged) October 26, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

There is a marked difference in the various writing processes and their brain stimulation. I am learning this very well recently. Its more distinct than just computer versus paper, I believe it even extends to what device you write with when writing on paper. I use pencil for all of my school work, and in creative formats it is useful because I can redo parts or fix mistakes, however it is not my weapon of choice for writing words. for this I prefer the pen, a simple Bic will suffice, because of its irreversibility. I like that I am forced to march on through my stream of consciousness and not fix anything that I maybe don’t like the flow of. What I wrote was what I wanted to say, right? Then why change it? If it doesn’t flow like I ‘hear’ it, oh well, I’ll change what I hear. I will admit that I do occasionally go back and remove things, or scratch things over, but the marks are always on the page, and I will always be able to see what I thought initially.

Kind of a rant, but I got out of bed at 3am last night to write down what turned out to be a full page of lyrics or whatever they are called anymore… I feel weird writing music when I hardly play anymore. I was going to post it, but I figured I’d keep it more personal than that. I may get around to posting it of making it my AIM profile or something.

(posted by Homeless_spork at 10:51 PM on Oct 24 2005 )

Thadius Ignatious Elliot said…
My friend, i understand what you say about pencil versus pen. i see it all the time in my poetry and free writing (and even free drawing) but what about typing? I can type faster than i can write, so in my best stream of consciousness writing it proves advantageous. of course, i retain the ability to edit. but it’s often just over remedial spelling errors.
i don’t delete things anymore. this creates problems (or perceived problems) for me. i often say too much. this creates fear over its publish. It leaves me open to both my friends and enemies. i can be torn apart very easily in this world. just as easily as i can tear apart the world of those i challenge in my writing. and thusly, non deliberate writing becomes deliberate through its publishing. a conscious choice to leave myself (and hence my thoughts) vulnerable to attack, but also open to opportunities.
when i started writing of my own volition, the most personal writings could become subject to total appreciation (preservation) or complete disdain (destruction). It even led to the burning of personal efforts more than once. I in turn burned my own thoughts and feelings; I became creatively burnt out. I was consumed along with my words, and the resulting smoke obscured me from others as a conscious effort on my part.



1. homeless_spork - October 27, 2005

Typing and hand writing stimulate activity in differnt parts of the brain. Pychologically, they are completely different processes. That was kind of the theory that I was expanding on…
I meant to note that in the actual post, but I got carried away.

But I know what you are saying, thats why I was reluctant to share my blog with anyone for a long time, and even now it is only exposed to you, Al, and anyone who stumbles over from this LJ page… That is also why I made the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog page (wrote it into the code), so that I would not have to account for my writings to anyone who doesnt like them, and I have had people try to ‘call me out’ on some posts before. But screw them, they can tune out.

2. skewgee - November 1, 2005

i just wish i could understand sometimes, because i want to help if i can

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