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“and i’ve been looking for a new friend – October 30, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

and i don’t care if he’s decrepid and grey…”

I’ve come accross two angels. You may have noticed this by now. How lucky can I be? My karma is so bright and so clean. Even they’re friends are cool. I opened up.
I guess the question is, is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Inevitably, the answer is usually yes. I have picked up their habits, as well as their hermetic nature. I am choking in bohemia. Too peaceful, too comfortable.
Naturally, my insecurities pick up. I need antagonism, and i can earn it that way. Fuck, if i feel like being sincerely happy; don’t be sarcastic. Otherwise, don’t expect me to be an honest emotional being.

I can only be smart and funny for so long before my ruse is outed. I am growing so tired trying to keep up with their antics. Such manic episode to run me down. It’s been nearly a month. And I have no idea how things have changed.

It’s so great, but it’s so exausting. I love you guys, but I need a break in order to show you how much I do. In that way, we can all feel that we all want to be there, instead of just sort of wondering if we want each other around at all.


1. eazymeat6969 - October 31, 2005

well, my good mate, i already know whether i want you around or not. so get back over here sometime!

2. skewgee - November 1, 2005

tuesday afternoon. call me if i haven’t called you yet.

the coffee is on me

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