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Extra Credit November 2, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

“If someone consistantly labels you as something, that doesn’t necessarily make it true.”

Open thread (discuss)



1. eazymeat6969 - November 3, 2005

why should it be true? unless you’re applying a label to a mailing envelope, the ‘truth’ in it is entirely subjective. seems like much of the time, too, the person who labels is revealing a lot about his or her self.

and as well, people consistently labeling *themselves* aren’t always accurate. (unless that person is me.)

2. skewgee - November 3, 2005

typical hipster reaction 😉

(my) hypocricy is hillarious

3. homeless_spork - November 3, 2005

does it make it the whole truth? no. But if the label is based on informed opinions, then I think it holds a truth of sorts. You may not agree with the ‘label’, but from an outside perspective you may portray that trait.
IE, I know that I come off as ’emo’ to a lot of people…ok, fine, everyone… but I would not consider that to be the truth about me. However, I wouldn’t say its not true, just not something I believe myself to be. Although I do see myself as babbling. that and boring. and unintelligible.

4. skewgee - November 4, 2005

sounds “emo” to me…

but really, you are only who you decide to be. unless you choose to make yourself more of a label than not (for association purposes)

5. homeless_spork - November 4, 2005

…and you prove my point.

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