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More from Monday – “A Package Deal” November 2, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Two girls take me
Round and about town
One I had met
Goes with the other.
They’re angels
with cut wings
Flying in tandem
Together, with me.

I want that house
I want that field
I want that fish
Pond and the reeds.
Selfish seclusion,
Postage included;
It’s a package deal.

Took one in to rest
Heal wounds in my room.
Took one to take
Along with me.
Both come as one
Seperately intertwined
Maybe not entertained
But packed tightly.

But beware buyer –
Handle with care,
And before opening
see “this side up”.
Box cutters break
Cardboard arteries
Spoling suprise
Contents derived.

Took me to another
direction, error
in my address
of packets shipped.
Should have left
a notice or letter;
This little delivery boy
Returned to sender.

I surrender these
contents enclosed
with this signature
in this form.
These two tangleged
boxes left to open
May only end up
Opening me.

Static cling singing
Danced in the process
Line in the center
of their delivery.
Met there, but
headed to the
same destination

My redezvous
with both of the two
Is a short stint
surely, by a whim.
Once they arrive
I pass forward
to other homes
It’s a package deal.

(my involvement?
sent unnecessarily.)



1. sweetdagger - November 2, 2005

It’s odd to think I woulduna been this without that, and who woulda thunk I’d find just what I needed, when prior to, I’d found everything I shouldn’ of.

2. skewgee - November 3, 2005

you found things inside yourself. and you found a kindred one. and you stumbled accross me in delivery to the places you will go.

good deal

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