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Ovarian Outbreak – funeral fees November 2, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

So the Bush administration has an idea about their new scare tactic, the Bird flu, and it may be time to consider that paying down the national debt might mean a river-water funeral. Their proposal involves spending at least $7.1 billion dollars on drugs. Of that, $2.8 billion is a research handout to drug companies for new vaccine research, who will in turn sell those drugs at whatever price they think you can still pay for – and you payed for the research. Only the $1 billion allocation for meds known to prevent the flu make sense.
By the way, none of these new vaccines are expected until the year 2010, so you might want to consider picking out a headstone until then.
What’s my solution then? Glad you asked.
The flu is spreading because farmers in Thailand and Vietnam won’t destroy their livelihood by killing their chickens and more who might be oinfected. Incidently, the spread of factory farming techniques into these countries has spured the spread of it. Vietnam had a proposal to quarenteen and kill the chickens, thusly ending the spread of the disease amound fowl and human alike (as it is injested), and compensate the farmer to allow this; for only $20 million. That’s 1/350 less money to get rid of the new strain period.
But then the party would back out on another opportunity to give away your tax money to the pharmacetical industry. isn’t america great kids? you are the party, and the party is you. pay the party, or perish…



1. homeless_spork - November 3, 2005

you spelled Bush wrong. 🙂

2. skewgee - November 4, 2005

i’ll try refering to the fuhrer correctly next time

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