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wet expression November 3, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

wet expression
Originally uploaded by Skewgee.

I’ve been thinking a lot about gender roles lately, in part because of my new class. It’s forced me to continue challenging assumptions i thought I’d gotten past already.

Facial hair. I’d been growing what could really be described as a “sweet beard” for about a month. IT was full, curly, red, and definetely strokable. Sans a kickin’ stash, I was ready to shave about 2 weeks in. But then I was encouraged by a notable witness to try growing it out.
Sure enough, with a little time I could grow a decent beard (of sorts). I used to have to shave once a month in high school, and only then becuase our dress code forbade facial hair. social engineering.
There is a certain amount of “self-respect a man has after a good shave”, implying that it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror after a shave. I quote some social engineering film I’ve seen and laughed at, but understood. In this culture, a clean shaven face is thought as “normal”. In other cultures, the opposite is true. What is acceptable for a man in his gender role?
I didn’t shave so much as to fit my gender role’s expectations socially, as I was growing it at the behedst of other people. I would get compliments from all the right people for the beard. Women and men alike made a point to say they noticed and hit on me as a result. Now I like to deviate as a means of establishing independance, but really it was kinda difficult to manage. Got grossly greasy, food might get caught in it, and thusly required some shampooing. Plus my skin felt like it was suffocating.

So I shaved again, over a month into a rather handsome beard (if i may say so). The experiment at its end, i even tried shaving with a razor for the full effect. Twas my first time shaving with a razor. Sans any cuts, it took two passes to get it awful close to right. Naturally, it deserved photos of the moment. My skin feels great, and I am my own “man” again (independance is an associated, promoted masculine trait sociologically).
I guess that means I can show my bare face in public again – acceptably.

(there is an accompanying photo essay to this post. It’s now been named “The People vs The Sexiness”. It may tickle your fancy, especially the titles associated.)


1. sweetdagger - November 3, 2005

beards are neat.

2. homeless_spork - November 3, 2005

Its about time you started using a razor, now you just have to condition yourself to do it with no shaving cream, shaving up is a bitch when there is just water (and maybe blood) to lube the blade.

3. skewgee - November 4, 2005

i shaved with gel and a lubricated strip was on the razor.

did you read the fucking essay? i shouldn’t have to condition myself for anything. it just wanted to try it

4. skewgee - November 4, 2005

yes, i miss it too. should have gotten before pics in retrospect

5. nilsinedeo - November 4, 2005

Er? What did he use before? Tweezers?

..I am honestly confused.

6. nilsinedeo - November 4, 2005

What did you use before?
Oh, wait.
Those.. electric razor thingymabobs (Do they not count as a ‘razor’?)?

If that answers my question, I am going to feel like a complete tard.

PS – No before photos? Bad Matt, Bad.

PPS – For your next shaving-related experiment, you should shave your legs every 3 to 4 days for a month to experience what it’s like to be a ‘lady’. Pfft, I’ll even try it myself. 😉

7. skewgee - November 6, 2005

there’s nothing wrong with body hair on women. it doesn’t change my attraction to them at least

8. nilsinedeo - November 6, 2005

I hate body hair, but I hate shaving more. If I win the lottery, you can bet your ass I’m getting laser hair removal.

Oh hell yes. 😀

9. skewgee - November 7, 2005

social entrainment

10. dirty_vejin - November 7, 2005

I know you!
From Steak N Shizzle,
and my hizzle!

Take that for poetry..
Kind of.

11. skewgee - November 8, 2005

wait, wait, wait – the one who gave dale a birthday party?
if not let me know how i might know you, maybe

small world, eh?

12. nilsinedeo - November 8, 2005

Of course. If hairy-legged women were always on the cover of Vogue I probably wouldn’t mind as much. It’s a combination of social entrainment and the fact that hairy legs just feel gross. bleh.

13. skewgee - November 9, 2005

they feel kind of fuzzy and warm last time i checked. real women grow hair and don’t try looking like little girls. i like it

14. dirty_vejin - November 9, 2005

Yes, I threw the party for Dale, and also I hung out with you at SNS with Jessica, Andrea, my roommate and her friend Paul. And if I’ve got you pinned for the right person, you were also with Jessica and Andrea when I showed them the apartment across the street from my house.

15. nilsinedeo - November 9, 2005

Fuzzy is not the right word (at least not if it’s being applied to my legs), and I quite enjoy looking like an oversized prepubescent girl, thankyouverymuch. 😛

You know how your face feels when you wake up in the morning and haven’t shaved? That rough, scratchy feeling? That’s my legs sans shaving. *shudder*

16. skewgee - November 10, 2005

hey, i am that freak of nature. well spotted darlin’. friended you

17. skewgee - November 10, 2005

i miss my beard now, thanks 😛

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