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Welcome to Platonia November 7, 2005

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Wednesday was wearing me thin. Thursday was terribly confusing. Friday I fleed the scene. I needed a breath of fresh air, and I found it in Columbia Missouri.
I rode my way out of the human drama of physical entrenchment in the city of St. Louis sometime before rush hour, heading west down the suburban sprawl-way number 40. My low fuel indicator lit up in an orange brighter than the sunset blinding me and beckoning, calling me to stop at my nearest convenience. The convenience of driving the distance outweighed these interests, so I pulled off the next stop to ask directions to the nearest gas station. I would drive through the housing developers utopian wet dream, known by the name of Lake St. Louis, though it was only a dream. Its faux countryside and tract housing along the winding avenues led the way between highways, slithering like a snake in the garden. I would see the sun setting over the engineered lake, and pulled my horseless carriage into the petrol station for another cup of caffeineted beans.
After hitting the highway hard, I found myself in Columbia in between calls to residents I have the privilege of knowing. There is a blank spot of that memory, programming my portable MP3 player with a 200+ song ultimate road trip soundtrack, that was unfinished during my driving between cities (now lost to random access memory). I ended up at my friend Mike’s place jacked up on caffeine and ready to become socially egocentric.
Refusing drinks whilst making strong sexual talk, as if I had already been drinking and was becoming obnoxiously slutty, I made arrangements for my associate Eric to come over. My friend Ivy was to be the event coordinator for my tour across town that evening. Scaring away any reasonably minded jokesters, I argued loudly and sophisticatedly that logic could not be empirically true because man was an irrational being, whose fallibility called into question logic’s existence. In between I insulted the President of the corporation you might call America for no good reason except entertainment. Worked well for a bit, because my mind was clear and having a swimmingly good time between different conversations. I made a point to explore the bi-sexuality of my friends, since the majority of people are varying degrees of sexuality, which worked like a narrative thread between conversations.

Mike’s older sister/roomate kicked us out just after he decided to sleep early, so we went over to nick’s, only to leave again. Instead we went over to Gabe’s garage. Saving a few details of conversation I’m having toruble remembering, we laughed a lot. I was saying any little thing that came to my mind when conversation dropped. Funny thing is, it was funny to all of us. Maybe the voices and smart jokes kept it together, but people found it rather appealing appearantly and I found it enthralling. I would continue this stream of conciousness and a boisterous attitude for the rest of my stay.
Me and Ivy ended up at Kendall’s dorm room by the time things wrapped up. We all snuggled in her bed, but I was somehow uncomfortbale. I had to split the spoon between the two and my arms had nowhere to go whilst I was afraid of crossing their boundries or showing favoratism. Meanwhile, both their hips were tightly pressed into mine, my entire weight was being forced into a balance in the spot where my hip and leg meet. It was impossible to sleep with such concentrated pain, but I didn’t want to wake them (assumeing they were). Tis a shame – the light shone gently on their faces in a lovely way. I jumped out and slept on the floor.

Saturday was a bit more foggy, as I never really woke up while walking about. When I officially woke up shortly after noon, I was bright and chipper for once. The three of us (ivy, kendall, and myself) grabbed breaky in the hall, and drove about for hair dye and adventures I did not fully comprehend until later. It was a gorgeous day to drive about and play outside. After getting our highlight material and a sack of pecans, we set out to find the devil’s icebox – a cave outside town known for it’s chilly temperatures. Along the road we jammed to mix CDs, including some of my own I had made for Ivy in the past. On the other mix cds they skipped tracks, but on mine they usually let the beat roll out – a testament to my taste, I suppose. We stopped to visit the largest tree in missouri, an oak, standing on the side of the road in a farming valley, sticking out like a sore thumb. IT must take at least 6 or 7 people holding hands to surround the large, live tree.
We ended up at some camp ground, where we figured we could camp later on. The lady suggested a spot over looking the river (and past the levee) under a dead tree for a view of the night time sky, where we could make much noise overnight. We took it, and I payed the $13 dollars to reserve it. Thusly we took a trip back into town, back on our merry way.
When we got back we showered and made lists of things needed. While seeing who else might want to come with we found out it was going to thunderstorm. We bailed temporarily, with plans to show up later that night, and decided it was time to paint. The decision was immediate and mutual, and thus totally necessary. Time was lost and laughs were endless as they were throughout the day. More and more people came up, until 7 people surrounded the bottles of vodka and whiskey, musing about advertising films, music, and the nature of sex. Sometime between 6 o’clock and midnight, we realised how late it was, and we went out into town again. We ended up at the campsite for a few minutes (because it was a bad idea with an overcast view), but came back as soon as we had arrived. We smoked pot in the SUV, in the crowded backseat, on a back street, and in town. Somewhere around 4 o’clock we went out for a second dinner, only to some back to Kendall’s room. Like I said, I never really woke up, but I didn’t go to sleep either.

“you’re just a dirty little slut, aren’t you?” yes m’am.

Sunday we slept in, and I woke up clear headed – a suprise to all. The girls seemed sad instantly to see me go, and I felt sad to go as well. I’m sure if I had any time alone with either the day before something regretable may have happened, and we seemed to regret even that not happening. Over lunch at IHOP we talked it all over and still laughed at a dangerous consistancy. Kendall mentioned this movie her friend had scripted after me and Ivy discussed our old sitcom “UrInsane Evan”. It was called “Platonia”, and it was about a man surrounded by women constantly (on another planet). He needed to avoid becoming friends with them for some reason, because it was inevitable that the longer he knew them they would only be friends. It might have been Kendall trying to tell me something, but it applied to Ivy and I as well. More than a metaphor, because it is a constant reality.
Perhaps it was a reality I can create subjectively. Or just another trip out of town, to those two, might suffice.
Twas sad to go, because I had entirely too much fun. This much fun ought to be criminal, because I felt like I was on a crime spree. I think they enjoyed my company a little too much too. At the same time, it was a long mellow happy I had forgotten was possible. Not only did I need to got there, but that was exactly where I needed to be this weekend. In getting out of my element, out of myself, I was the most me I could become for a little while at least. I should try it again sometime soon – a dream came true in deja vu.



1. skewgee - November 7, 2005

little white blur felt so utopian

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