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Vinen Trellace Trap November 8, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

All your friends just may be crazy
You don’t have to say to go away
Because I was already walking that direction
No sense, nor difference could or would
Don’t try stopping me
Should be doin nothing
(left, clues, next, to the shallow shadows)

In the garden of edn you chose who
might know about a thing or two
But what do you do with that information
Might permiate into any situation
So with apple picked
You chose to be with
(out, anything, anyone, pouting for no one)

Weaved webs of feelers strewn
The fruit of your loom blooms
Like flowers of fly traps flewn
Over your head, soft focussed zoom
Invite you into my room
And sleep inside the gloom
(known, foreseen, grown, obscene in its bounty)

Took you aside to take a good look
We laughed so hard the room might have shook
To its foundations the structure shuddered
Showing poor planning, left us to recover
The wreckage might stoke
Memories that we broke
(from, forgotten, some, fodder of cannon shot)

After then the awareness had grew
Though I might ask you a few
Questions about crimes occured
I’d like to take you at your word
Swear to tell the truth
for testimony withdrew
(ask, recant, relieved, of position’s duty)

YOu may be brought forth and tried
Until the true victim had cried
Dropped charges and changed subjects
And lost their vision of the object
To which they clinged
For hopes and dreams
(died, burried, find, themselves up carried)

Little girl lost in her hometown
Happiest whne I come around
Thought she lost by leaving behind
The boy she left standing in mind
At the door shut
And halfway cut
(apart, recovered, start, healing his wounds)



1. skewgee - November 8, 2005

old flames now stoked
I am now relieved
by reliving
the situations.

Swear to tell the truth
Bare and obscene honesty
Unspoken and

Case closed?
Who knows?

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