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projected lj entries November 10, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

got bored tonight, and threw this together. took a little extra work thought i’d share the “interesting” results.

entry analysis of American Dream

whereas I count entries per day during each monthly period, it looks a little like this. November projections based off of entries (not including this one yet) through today, and a guess at december’s quota. JUST LOOK AT SEPTEMBER! jesus fucking christ. i have this writer’s discipline now. just have to remember to write something important again. maybe you’ll like reading it?

Anyways, doing my own math added a few more things. I have posted 162 times thus far, out of 314 days into the year 2005. I have averaged .516 entries per day thus far, or a little over an entry every two days. So far, this can be attributed to more frequent contributions the second half of the year.

Does this mean anything? Do I have anything more significant to say? I shouldn’t think so. If information is now a commodity, and especially so since the advent of the internet, then my thought currency is now inflated. This is an internet address of information, is it not?
At an all time high, my blog recived many comments in addition to entries. That might be the subject of further analysis. Do people spend more time reading others on certain days, or just when they themselves update (and feel the need to comment on their friends)
It may not at all be indicative of writing, but of sporadic blogging. I enjoy living my life more than I might have earlier this year, and spend more time offline now. But things seem different suddenly. It doesn’t mean much of anything yet to me.

just thought i’d share my own research a little. Tell me how you found this little strange blog if you’d like to



1. skewgee - November 10, 2005

will someone remind me to try this again at the end of the year?

2. itallgoestohell - November 10, 2005

you posted an entry for the backseat kiss.
and we became bff’s.

3. skewgee - November 11, 2005

i hadn’t forgoten, but have lost my sense of humor

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