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Veteran’s Day Vultures November 11, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Because of Armistice Day (better known as Veterans’ Day), I should make a few comments about our veterans of war:

This day was dedicated by Woodrow Wilson not just to veterans, but to those who can’t celebrate the war culture with us. It was to be a solemn reminder of the horrors of war and the struggles. And yet we now interpret this as heroism rather than aggression.
Don’t open that jail cell just yet – They’re talking about wars of defense, and I’m talking about other things. I’m talking about the big question on the minds of the fascists and you. They want you to learn something today – that going to war not just protects us but can solve problems as well. We ought to know by now, several wars and dozens of “conflicts” in, that war only creates different problems.

My best example (tear this apart if you feel like it) – WWII, “the good war”, resulted in the same kind of post-war land grab created by versailes (granted a bombed-out land grab) that resulted in the Cold War. The USSR’s threat was created by a created vaccum in eastern europe, leading to a conflict in the newly liberated territory.
So much of a threat was this newly dominant Soviet Union, that we fought all kinds of subsequent wars. We didn’t start WWII, but it created a new reality and new wars – The korean war, the vietnam war, the Cuban Crisis, all kinds of trouble in the americas, and skirmishes all over the place (can you say afghanistan?). Not to mention europe. But the domino theory forced us to embrace old enemies (read: NAZI scientists) to defeat the new enemies. We have to take out our own as well as a result of war. McCarthyism is the old school Bushism – vague, sketchy claims of threat met by idiocy and attention. But I am overstepping myself.


OK, so back tracking from the spooks after that name was dropped, it is a holiday. Thank your veteran, but understand that winninga war does not make anyone right. Is North Korea in the right for winning their own independance as a communist state (necessarily)? Of course you would say not, but that war has consequences today as well (what to do with Pyongang now).

Your actions have consequences, whose reprecussions may not be known within your lifetime. Wars have consequences. Veterans are usally nice people, but they don’t think about things much going in. They can justify things, and sometimes it is acceptable – they fought so you don’t have to. The problem is, those same people who fight wars to end all war don’t see that their fighting means you’ll be fighting in the future just the same. It’s the same reason they had to fight.
Sometimes I wish a good history test was necessary to ace in order to graduate high school.

Today – PEACE (in the midst of war)



1. nilsinedeo - November 11, 2005

If we hadn’t defeated the Nazi’s, I wouldn’t be here today.


Therefore you are wrong.


2. skewgee - November 11, 2005

you forget that the Nazi’s did not directly threten america, just our interests. I am not saying the NAZIs are right, just wanted to point out that they said war solved problems as well.

3. nilsinedeo - November 11, 2005

I didn’t forget that, you just don’t know my family history. The Nazi’s killed my maternal grandmother’s entire family (husband, father, brother, sister) and destroyed their farms while she was at work, except for her mother and her newborn baby (Oma fled into the woods with the baby and met up with the town butcher who she later married). Had Maria not been at work, she would’ve been killed.
She later met and married my grandfather, Alex, and moved to the States with her two children Bosko and Ljiljana(my mother), not finding out her mother and first daughter were still alive til 8 years later. Alex joined the army immediately and fought against the Nazi’s, being put in concentration camp and escaping with others several times. Papa came home, he and Maria had six more kids, blah blah.
Had America not gotten involved, both Maria and Alex would probably not have gotten away with their lives; I wouldn’t exist, and neither would the rest of my mother’s side of the family.
The END. 😀

4. homeless_spork - November 14, 2005

actually, the master plan included a full scale offensive against the US, only in a later stage of the war. The Nazis were developing bombers that could cross the ocean and bomb american cities. So by our early involvement, we potentially saved millions of American and other lives. Hotler did not heed diplomacy, agression was the only way to stop his quest for world power, so the was did solve that problem. Now, did it create more problems? Yes, but they were different problems. What would have happened if Hitler marched all over Europe and claimed land uncontested? would there have not been a land grab in the wake of his eventual death? Should he have been allowed to wipe an entire race of people from the planet? You can’t say yes to that.

5. skewgee - November 14, 2005

the final solution was developed in 1942, after the US entered the war. nice try, but bogus point

6. skewgee - November 14, 2005

I agree with you here. War is never the answer, whether by NAZIs or ourselves.

Problem is with these few precious lives, millions more were killed in the outcome. A safe estimate is that 2.5 million were killed in Cambodia as a result of US agression against communism, during the vietnam war. Not to mention the vietamese.

War is never the answer for any agresssor. I’m glad you got out alright, but millions more did not. These are people neither of us may never know, and their deaths are never right.

MY point is about war, which may solve problems for a bit, but never solves any completely.

7. skewgee - November 14, 2005

I need not further mention our own war with communism leadinbg to the conflict with Afghanistan in 1979. This is where Osama bin LAden was trained by the CIA to attack the soviet infidels out of afghanistan, then leaving creating the vaccum of power that allowed the Taliban to rise. They in turn created a safe haven for Al Qudea (read: bin LAden), who would attack the US, and we would attack Afghanistan.. IT all comes around.

Aggresion is naked, and empty in its promises of peace.

8. skewgee - November 14, 2005

of course what hitler did was wrong, but the way of war created it. might doe not make right. peirod. war is wrong, no matter who wages it, or who wins

9. homeless_spork - November 14, 2005

Alright Chief, in Hitler’s sequel to Mein Kampf entitled “Zweites Buch” or “Second Book” written in the summer of 1928 (but unpublished until after the war) he detailed his entire plan for “world domination” so to speak. He talked about how he would systematically invade the US after he controlled Europe. The “final Solution” was in 1942, but his master plan (which I used instead of final solution, because they were different)did include an offensive against the continental United States.

10. homeless_spork - November 14, 2005

hey, summer of 1928!?!? Why, that’s 13 years before the US entered the war!
had we not entered the war, England would have fallen, and opened the doors to all of northern Europe. That would have put them in range to Fly the Atlantic and Bomb New York, again, all detailed in the Second Book.

Agression only leads to more agression, but its part of human nature, hell animal instinct, to fight.

11. skewgee - November 14, 2005

gah. you’re right….

thanks for setting me straight. my point still stands. Hitler would have used war to “solve problems”, but would have created new ones (say an inevitable war directly initiated with the US)

i think non-intervention was reprehensible perosnally, but I’m looking at the big picture here

12. skewgee - November 14, 2005

fight or flight is the expession i believe. when we are directly in danger of losing our lives.

germany 1928-1945 was that drunk guy at the party who wants to fight everybody, and you think their just kidding around about your jewish friend, but then they go blitzkrieg and end up killing like half the people there.

13. skewgee - November 15, 2005

this book was an unpublished manuscript, of which only two original copies are thought to exist. one was in a german air bunker from 1935 until a Us soldier recovered documents.

I am sure you can check the Wikipedia entry about it. An english translation was first availible in 2003, and i’m reading it right now (thank you much)

14. skewgee - November 15, 2005

i found this insight interesting from the book

“If, however, the importance of the threatening American position of hegemony seems to be conditioned primarily by the value of the American Folk, and then only secondarily by the size of this Folk’s given living space and the favourable relation between population and soil resulting therefrom, this hegemony will not be eliminated by a purely formal numerical unification of European nations, so far as their inner value is not higher than that of the American Union. Otherwise, present day Russia would necessarily appear as the greatest danger to this American Union, as would China, still more, which is inhabited by over 400 million people.”

well then, he is talking about race here, and i completely disagree. but threat is not everything. hitler also argues for prevenitive war in chapter 5 (i think). This has been an interesting read, to say the least. IF only it wasn’t based on bullshit

15. homeless_spork - November 15, 2005

I’m glad you are enjoying it (or interested in it), I have only had time to browse it alittle and hit some highlights. I didn’t know about it until I caught a History channel show about it…

16. skewgee - November 16, 2005

well i am interested, but it’s hard to go through his bullshit. i didn’t read the details about waging war with the us, or anything about bombing new york. at least not detailed in the book

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