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Making Amends November 14, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Many people, especially myself, have spent at least a little while now wondering out loud why people just can’t have a couple drinks and chill out. Some people just seem to only get crazy drunk and start bouncing off the walls of your tiny living space (itself further crowded by people). I mean people just delude into these little obnoxious fucks who have no control over themselves, whose poisonous pretensions are not funny at all but rather vulgar and obscene. I’m sure you’ve met this fool before.
I think I’ve come to an acceptable answer to this question. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, because I’ve sort of been becoming one of them. On top of that, I’ve seen a rash of people prentending to be drunk.

The simple fact is, that drinking is an inherantly selfish activity. Any behavior stemming from drinking is naturally selfish as well. It may be punishing, but even that can be a selfish cross to carry. When we are talking about a substance meant to give instant gratification, any use of it would be self-serving and short sighted.
Let’s run through a few examples in this theory:
-The loud drunk demands attention, because they are overcompensating for having nothing interesting to offer you. They are naturally obnoxious, but can use drinking as an entertaining excuse for their selfish behavior.
-The goofy drunk sees themselves as the basis of a good party, but see what happens when you don’t laugh or ignore them for a bit. They’ll move on to the next person they can pry a few laughs out of. They know exactly where they are, but ask you anyway because they need your attention and admiration. They drink to encourage others to drink and hopefully we’ll all laugh more easily at their recycled inside jokes. selfish again.
–the talkative drunk seems to be shy at first, but goes on a whirlwind of monolougue when initiated. They need to be heard, but use alcohol to excuse themselves when they’ve said too much. “i’m always spillin secrets when i drink” – please, you wanted to tell somebody, so you lowered your inhibitions to garner the interest of others at another’s expense. You have now further insulated yourself by violating that trust, you selfish fuck
– the alcoholic is self-punishing in their drinking, and needs that drink to unwind. They actually need that drink because they don’t trust you enough to know the real them. When you see them at the party, know they are there as an excuse just to drink. The drinking helps them meet people without the veneer of their realities. Omition and restriction cut people off from possibilities, and thusly can become selfish acts – so drinkig as to be dishonest and hinder your true personality can be selfish (and they will never like you as a result).

Well then. First attempt; I’ll get this down later. I’m sure you understodd me at the explanation, before i needlessly tried classifying people. Still though, I think that any selfish, inconsiderate behavior does not stem from the amount of alcohol consumed, but rather the selfish behavior of drinking itself.



1. sweetdagger - November 14, 2005

I was thinking about this very concept today. Discussing it as well, actually.
I really hate my drunken self.
I need to cut it down to the bares bones and…
tolerable…peppermint schnapps & wine.
Drinking does make me feel idiotic and obnoxious waking up to realize that I was a complete and retarded fool.

Thank you anyway, you’re a grand host.
I liked the spaghetti most….. (the rhyme was accidental)

2. skewgee - November 15, 2005

not all selfish behavior is reprehensible, in fact some is enjoyable for everyone sometimes. i should think you tilt towards my group of fun drunks, but like all people who drink their are manifestations of selfish behavior as you choose to loosen some inhibitions.

anyway, i guess do what you want to do 😉

3. eazymeat6969 - November 15, 2005

yep. let’s notch up another reason here as to why the ben don’t drink.


4. homeless_spork - November 15, 2005

I quit drinking… I will have a beer or two, but as for the getting drunk business, I fear/hope that I have grown out of it.

5. skewgee - November 15, 2005

good mature decision. but i know better

6. skewgee - November 15, 2005

good for you. mature perspective. i’ll be getting help soon

7. nilsinedeo - November 16, 2005

My drunk is not up there. What about all the quiet drunks?

8. skewgee - November 16, 2005

its only a few examples. many quiet drunks are actually alcoholics, because being selfish requires someone else to be there or social efforts to exhibit them. i know better with you, but it is possible that a quiet drunk uses silence to initiate concern and hence attention in their direction. i can be that way sometimes too

9. nilsinedeo - November 18, 2005

I’m glad you’re not a shrink. :B

10. skewgee - November 18, 2005

wwFS? (freud say) you got issues, bitch

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