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Slumber Party November 14, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

they slumber in my shelter, but they do not share their natural sleep aid with me. They have a warm body to ease them, but I only have alcohol. All four of these goddesses relegate to the living room, while I manifest awoken in the bedroom. I am surrounded by inspiration but find none for myself.

I have been rejected from my own hosted slumber party, and find myself rjected from jokes ans games associated. Who said anyone needed sleep, though they’d find it much easier. I worry and care far too much, and so I drink.

It is a cold night at the near dawn of winter upon us. I find myself tied to the a cable of communication in a state of desperation. Is it so much to ask to share a bed just to sleep? IF so I might find myself out of association with those I have assisted. Next time we play drinkign games I might find myslef at a loss again. But I will have learned a lesson. IT was a perfect day to lock myself inside. Problem is they have ate the key.

I tried initiating conversation as they sadi they were goinf to sleep. I heard them speaking, and listened in spy. As I tried to join, they rejected my efforts. SLeep indeed. The gender bias within same sex groups in negated when the opposite sex enters the discussion. I apparently am not welcome, despite their pleas of gender equality. I just wanted to talk to people who were awake.

Cross my heart and left to die, closing both my eyes, I will narry sleep. Breath deep. Try not to write much more, today is never more.



1. skewgee - November 14, 2005

The prior post was made by that old drunk Matthew Hurst. Some of you may have met him – he is obnoxious and not as funny or charming as he thinks he is, while he is drunk. I would delete it, but I treasure his friendship when he is sob er. I on the other hand may need to stop developing this third person case of schizophrenia

2. answersforjane - November 15, 2005

if it comforts at all, dear shard of mattu’s wounded psyche, i really did want to sleep. i was goaded to giggles but would have shrugged them off had i the opportunity.
also…i wouldn’t have minded another warm body to curl around.
over and out.

3. skewgee - November 16, 2005

well then, i would refer you to the above comment of my own. otherwise, thanks for trying to reassure. sometimes i just need to catch myself slipping

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