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The city star November 17, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

The city star
Originally uploaded by Skewgee.

Today i thought about a few things, as the world is changing rapidly. I thought I might read about the continued betrayal by our old friend Woodward against the new Nixon, but that’ll have to wait Bubba. The world around me is shifting in significant directions, and i recluse into my warm phase as a result. The emporer has little wardrobe to wear, and thusly i need not preach to the massing choir. And so, i leave you in warmth.
I took a bath tonight. warm water and oatmeal maade up for a disappointment in the shortend day. I mighgt see the sunlight again as a result, in these waining days of winter. It will be cold and harsh in spite of global warming. Two days prior the wind had shifted westward against the gain in the changing climate, but i accept her bounty. I wish riding bikes was easier, and i wish there was a goddamn shoulder on this road.
No worries though – a martini and oatmeal washed water have left me in return. I recieved a letter today from the sun, delivered by an angel from mercury. I enjoyed the sun’s return, but thought i might reply to its corrspondance.

Hello Father
of measured time cylces;
I woke in your wrought,
I miss you much
like the sleep I’ve lost
overcast by shadows on walls.
Your siblings and relatives
have been the reason for my absense;
out-shone in the city at night.
I never knew such disgrace
as asking questions without reply
to the city star.

Waxing moon making me
Wax poetic
Howls of night
To no avail.
You always return the favor
smiling on me with sweet rays;
So when you return you will be welcomed.

You ought have been there
at harvest of your seasons;
She had me in her hold.
Her harvest glow smiled around
beams so low and large
’twas alomost close enough to touch.
Her image holds, though only in my memory;
As I slwoly forgot you,
Chasing her like windmills.
Mirages in the midst of abundance
Yours od course, as you walked
And wained away; winter.
I can promise to appreciate –
a commodity openly offered
will often be a passed opportunity (with me).
Though I know my mistakes
for blessings partken,
Your kinf fit will no longer
Be forgotten, and gifts forsaken.



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