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Mount Pleasant December 2, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I pushed through the equilibrium, under the influence. Serotin serenades you like a song bird into sleep, but you dare not wake another. My brain burns like a furnace but I dare not consume it with thoughts more significant. Another night spent amongst my studies, only to sleep in a sweat bag.
I woke from my vision quest, sersory depreivation to nothin near in sight. An early song to push through a countryside sunday indoors. Songs from the villagers kept the peace, with irish tea lifting the light fading fast. Remote control atmosphere until we find something worth watching, picked up and lost somewhere in the sheets.
Pushing myself through the door to simulated walk abouts I felt rather amiss from the people walking around me. A run 8 miles deep through the inside on my traveling-gear machine. LED lights indicating my journey’s path I rode in the simulated summer. MY skin yearned to breath, choking under the smoke before. The tear drops from my skin ducts stain my shirt, froze in the outdoors like icicles on the jut of my chin. In the course of those 30 minutesMy muscles melted.
Now city roads lead me back here. I will take a dive into the rivers rapids for refreshment. Norishment met me in the middle.



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