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A Public Apology #2 December 7, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

The clearity of my sobriety really set in today. Probably because I was able to converse a little more through my world.
I want to say that I am sorry to anyone I hurt when I was drinking. There are lots of things I’m sure I ought to regret, but I couldn’t possibly list so many of them here.
I’m sorry to anyone who might think my words insincere under inebriation. Please know that I mean what I say in any case, at any moment – it’s kind of a liability. Thoughts and feelings require action, so if the words are in vain I can say honestly they were sincere ideas.
I’m sorry to anyone I made feel left out, or anyone insulted by my selfishness while drinking. I can be a creul person to others in my selfish act of drinking.
I am so sorry that I hurt you, assuming that I have. And I’m sure I cannot imagine how much.

I’m glad I have decided to begin more healthy behavior. Drinking should be an act of celebration with other people. I hope I am able to make it up to you through my actions in the future. I love you all very much for being friends with me through this, and hope I can be a better friend in the future.



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