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Staring at the night sky December 8, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

would be much easier in the countryside, where the snow lays still on the rolling hills. untouched and calm compared to snow in the city.

Would you like to take a trip to stare into the night sky looking for answers to life’s questions? That’s unfortunate if you’re probably snowed in like me and you’re on the internet already.
As concilation, I offer what is possibly the mother of all tests – http://www.alabe.com/freechart/ . Consider it a possible answer from the sky.



1. skewgee - December 9, 2005

Related side note (saturn in leo, grand cross October-December 2005) –
So what’s the big problem with projecting your negativity onto others? It may seem like they “deserve” it. The problem is that you lose because you dis-empower yourself every time you deny your own responsibility and put it on someone else. You make yourself into “the victim”, you attempt to mask or cover up your inner insecurity by rejecting it and putting it onto someone else, and by doing this, you feel dis-empowered because you feel like a fraud, inside, where it really matters. You give your responsibility over to someone else, and you feel like a fraud for not taking responsibility, so you feel guilty and you hold on to negative emotions that turn into resentment, that sits there, increasing in toxicity until you step up and OWN it. The good news is you can do that any time, no guilt, no blame, no humiliation. Just release and empower. Because if you’re not working to improve yourself, you’re a burden on everyone around you, like a little toxicity bubble trying to drag everyone down a peg, to your perceived lower level. This is a manipulative emotional tactic because you don’t really believe you’re any lower than anyone else. Realize it, let it go, move on to something more interesting and uplifting. You don’t lose when you encourage and elevate others, but you do lose when you let resentment be your guide.

2. skewgee - December 9, 2005

also important in this current air:
“If you can start to forgive, others as well as yourself, you are opening yourself to more possibilities. But to have a future, to pursue new potentials, you need to chose to be open and vulnerable, not clenched tight to protect yourself against everyone and everything. While protection is appropriate at times, being permanently closed off can keep you from living the life you envision.”
I knew I was doing something right

3. thinkpink178 - December 9, 2005

we love you too, even though you’re not as beautiful as me (sorry i had to)

come to washington sometime. please.

4. missmoses - December 9, 2005

scorpio rising…i would have never known

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