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(Commercial Break) December 12, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

All apologies for not completing this week’s series of posts relating to what I refer to as The Experimental Generation. We are experiencing technical and occupational difficulties here at your American Dream station. It would be detrimental to your enjoyment of this author to speculate that this stagnation of thematic development is related to said subject. (you’d be wrong about that Bubba)

I’ll leave this channel of communication open for any comments you might have, but there should be momentary delay in response to them. My dual occupation as a student (of an actual, institutional school) and as a writer educated by the culture I am both a participant and observer of have come into conflict.
As a result, I do not expect any personal interaction in this forum until later in the week.

Last night was another experience in lucid dreaming, this time as a succession of short glimpses into many scenes i’d go in and out of. Because of the length and superimpression of dreams within my control to go in and out of dreams easily. The more I was able to manipulate my dream state the more violent and resistant my unconcious became in the dream. The experience was sufficiently vivid that I was sure I was experiencing dream deja vu, where I am able to dream about things that will happen later in my real life, even though I could control it to a degree. If it were any indication the near future should be exciting, fearful, and particularly violent.

Please stand by for further updates.
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1. lostininerspace - December 12, 2005

I fucking miss you, when in God’s name are we hanging out next?

2. skewgee - December 12, 2005

Wednesday at the soonest

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