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We now return December 15, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

we now return to American Dream, still in progress
(hard cut to rant to progress)
…and that’s why I think Steven Spielberg should be marshalled and shot to death.
You know what else I hate that you love? Progressive Rock. I mean really, we’ve already explored the upper limits of sonics at this point, and it ain’t getting any louder. That’s why this quiet music movement has been taking off; we need to reexplore melody and really good songwriting (outside of angst). We’re not getting any younger, so music doesn’t have to be so loud to have a powerful effect.

You may disagree, but you probably hate my cat James, and I love him. That’s how I know you’re wrong, because James is the sweetest cat when you give him the chance. He’s sleeping on my lap as I write this. He’s still curious and cute, with a soft coat and a sweet heart that just wants you to love him. Chances are high that he’s spread the virus that makes me passive towards him, but if that’s the case we’ll get that rat.
Oh, but that’s another sotry for another day. Until then friends, mahalo.



1. lostininerspace - December 15, 2005

I do not hate James, he is adorable and vicious and for that I tip my hat to him.
Had a blast with you, it was precisely what I needed.
be well

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