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Shopping Balderdash December 17, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Today I got this job, but I really shouldn’t talk about it. Let’s just say I’m a secret shopper. It will afford me a few free meals and a unique opportunity to explore the inner-interests of america’s top retailers, all while giving good employees a good word for promotions. And for that I remain a consumer whore.
In this last shopping weekend before christmas let us remember that an XBox360 is the same a decent computer, only less useful. Let us also call to mind that fruitcake is actually a good source of fiber. Keep in mind that all malls will play sped-up, smooth-jazz versions of your favorite Peanuts’ christmas songs in complete lack of self-reflection on the original context. Finally, bear in mind that no matter whether you expect parkas from the gap or a hoodie from hot topic underneath your christmas tree this holiday season, it will be made for the gap company by child labor. May your holidays be sweetend by the sweat and suffering of children in third world countries in this season of brotherly love!



1. dirty_vejin - December 18, 2005

I totally am in love with the fact that Hot Topic is owned by the Gap. It’s amazing.

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