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Voice Post December 21, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

no need for translation, i know i sounded delerious tonight. perhaps the world has gone mad. then again, we love madmen when their on our team…
I stand by my words, because I can see a realignment in washington. These may seem like desperate times today, but just wait until desperation sets into the captains of a sinking ship. Even the captains of industry can sense something is amiss. The only way left to change course, is to change out those who would stay and steer in the same direction. And even after that, we won’t be able to miss the tidal wave of consequences in spite of the mutiny.
Should the Patriot Act not be renewed, as it is set to while congress is out of session over the holiday break, look for the prompt finger pointing at democrats should anything “happen”. It will be swift but wholy without merit. Don’t let them fool you should anything happen – the Patriot Act wasn’t doing much of anything to ensure domestic security, and the Patriot Act 2 will do even less.

fun tidbit to consider – John D Rockafeller founded the University of Chicago. I will upgrade the LJ account of the first person to tell me why that’s significant (hint: look into the graduates and faculty).



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