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Subtraction December 22, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

The words hit me, because they have consequences. Words tend to have those, you know, “effects”.
“After all, capitalism is not possible without waste”.
Truer words have hardly been spoken. The necessary correlary to this quote is that nothing, no matter how malicious or destructive to others or self, is impossible through it.
It doesn’t matter the air that you breathe being polluted through the burning of petrol fueled transportation, even though it is necesary to sustain human life. The consequences are unimportant because they are negated by the profit motive. There are a few things that are profitable that don’t damage, but of course they aren’t nearly as lucratrive; things that are balanced in their effects will never really have an unfair cost. This, amoung a myriad of other reasons, is why you aren’t driving a fuel cell vehicle by now.
It goes further – conflict in the world is the highest possibility through competition for the same existing resources. China is a threat to our economy, not to just because of their cheap and abundant labor resources, but the competition over the raw materials with which to make products from their labor pool. No cost of business practice is too much in the marketplace, even the human aspect. The consequences in human life can always be bought off, even in the government that exists to protect their own citizens.
We keep renouncing our freedoms for the freedom of the market. In a democratic system, When the government deregulates a business practice with consequences on its citizens, we deregulate. I am being completely fair in asserting this; when you pass responsibility from potentially protective agencies onto personal responsibility, you bear the brunt of the consequences. As a result of that transfer of collective power to a divided set of individuals, it becomes easier to influence them further when in isolation.
In this way it isn’t difficult to understand why we are the glutonous, envious, apathetic sshmucks we have become. A nation with such a small population relative to the rest of the world comands so much power and consumes 50% of its resources. We grow with capitalism, but not necessarily richer for it. Not only do we waste more food than any other nation’s people, we squander our riches in the open market for fewer and fewer people, who go on to consolidate the only real power in captalism – capital. If the market was a solution to all difficulties, if it were really more efficient than the state, every american citizen would have affordable health care. The point is we don’t – squandering our riches is just as wasteful as not using them.
Freedom isn’t free, but then again the free markets are not necessarily open to every individual. There is no freedom in slavery. Capitalism has consequences.



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