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star struck December 28, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Always running into the shade on a sunny day. Scarcely see my friends, ‘cept on a rainy day. Not much to remember through the morning fog.
Maybe it’s just a smoke screen.



1. itallgoestohell - December 28, 2005

cigarettes are better with hot chocolate.

2. lostininerspace - December 28, 2005

You make me miss you, and feel bad for not spending more time with you.
YO!! Tonight is going to be a blast, thanks for letting us come

3. anonymous - December 28, 2005

i miss you sweetheart !
ill come around soonly if i can spange enough gas money
hugs and kisses
Geoff with a G

4. skewgee - December 29, 2005

even more so with chocolate milk

5. skewgee - December 29, 2005

we should do things like this more regularly

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