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Two reasons i should see a shrink January 2, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.
Disorder Rating
Paranoid Disorder: Low
Schizoid Disorder: Moderate
Schizotypal Disorder: High
Antisocial Disorder: Low
Borderline Disorder: Low
Histrionic Disorder: Moderate
Narcissistic Disorder: Moderate
Avoidant Disorder: Moderate
Dependent Disorder: High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Moderate

Personality Disorder Test – Take It!
Personality Disorders

is it just me, or would the supposed schizotypal disorder negate the depandant disorder, and vice versa?



1. nilsinedeo - January 2, 2006

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you schizotypal motherfucker. *dies laughing*

The only reason you got that is because of your bathing habits. 😛

Dependent? Errrr, or not. Everyone is dependent to a point, but it doesn’t mean you have a dependent personality disorder. I would’ve kicked your ass at passive-agressive pd though. 😀

2. skewgee - January 2, 2006

see my added comment above

3. nilsinedeo - January 3, 2006

It would not.

Schizotypal: odd thinking/speech, eccentric thinking/behavior patterns (commonly think they can communicate with the dead), inappropriate affect, suspicious/paranoid of others other than close relatives usually resulting in few to no close relationships.

Dependent: Needs opinions of others before making decisions, needs constant reassurance that they are doing the right thing/not going to be abandoned, etc etc.

You can have both. You can be dependent on your relatives to make decisions for you and have no friends, or you could cling to the few close relationships you manage to keep. *shrug*

Best/worst thing about personality disorders is that they mesh really well, and are sometimes hard to distinguish from one another in one person.

4. skewgee - January 3, 2006

then you agree it is a roughly designed test?

5. nilsinedeo - January 3, 2006

It “diagnoses” based off of general descriptions as yes/no answers, and not on a sort of sliding scale. I wouldn’t say it’s roughly designed, but computers can not disagnose psychological disorders as well as people can.

6. skewgee - January 3, 2006

nor can the humans who design such systems (tailored for computers)

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