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Go-go gadget health January 19, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Last night a friend of mine told me “the only way to subtract is to add”. Of course he meant this is a literal computation reguard, but if mathematics are merely systems comprimised of natural phenomenom, then he might be right about more than he understands. The inverse, that the only way to add is to subtract, is a natural correlary. With the rest of this piece, you will come to understand another sense of the subtractive focus/meaning of adding other elements.

As of late I have become an accidental vegetarian. It occured to me last weekend over dinner with my family that I hadn’t consumed animal products (besides cheese) since the thursday prior. Then again this same week, I found myself ordering a chef’s salad, only to realize I had not ordered such a thing since that dinner. In both cases my body developed an indifference to the edible product, and excreted them with extreme prejudice.
It’s felt really good, and I might conciously give this lifestyle a try now. Now I’m not going all the way to veganism, if only because I love cheese too much, but I do believe my friends were on to something. I really have felt of clearer mind since this accidental lifestyle pattern came into recognition, though that might just be my malnourishment. Hell, I never went well over with eggs and am probably lactose-intollerant.
Before you try talking me out of this, consider the benefits of avoiding animal prodcuts in a society that encourages consumption of factory farmed products that I am discussing this week. Of course I do not have the determination yet to successfully keep all animal products out of my system; at least not do that and still function practicly in this society. But I can at least carry out some semblence of good health in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.



1. lostininerspace - January 19, 2006

Matt, a veggie head?
this could work

2. missmoses - January 19, 2006

yay! congratulatinos and i hope it works out for you!

3. skarecrowman - January 19, 2006

im so happy for you sir matthew yay
im sorry i got on your nerves when i was up and about there.i got a job up there at convergys but ill find other places to squat at while im working or whatever i dont want to wear out my friends to the point i dont have any anymore


4. skewgee - January 19, 2006

wasn’t really a problem with you particularly, or really anybody but myself. i needed some quiet time to myself to start resolving my own troubles, and hadn’t really had a place of my own, a place of solice and solitude, for a couple of months.
thanks for understanding, and thanks for your support.

5. skewgee - January 19, 2006

thanks, i could use as much support as possible in this endevour. it feels good

6. skewgee - January 19, 2006

whether it can work is not a question (if only becuase i get to eat cheese). the question here is – how long before i am tempted by the devil meat?

7. nilsinedeo - January 19, 2006

teeheehee. All these posts remind me about how we not only had a “meat club” at P. South while I was there, but we also had a “BBQ club”. Now I’ve a hankering for steak.

But that’s not why I’m commenting.

Malnuritiousment. not a word.
Malnutrition, malnourishment, bad eatin.

8. skewgee - January 19, 2006

bad spelling. thank you
*edited in response

9. nilsinedeo - January 19, 2006

I’m a little sad you didn’t put in bad eatin’. 😛

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