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Unsafe at any temperature: Conclusions January 22, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.


The practice of factory farming creates unreasonable risk to human health when animal products from these conditions are consumed. The over-employment of antibiotics to compensate for conditions that promote the spread of disease can create drug-resistant bacteria and does not prevent the occurrence of food borne illness. Government regulation of food products and drugs can not always protect human health from unsafe animal products that factory farms produce, and irradiation of food products would not even be necessary if not for the problems factory farming creates. While corporate agribusiness has used factory farming to produce a cheap abundance of animal products that has taken some strain off of consumers’ pockets where traditional farming methods may have cost more, it is important to consider the costs to public health through drug development to combat drug-resistance and on to those unlucky consumers who contract food borne illness. Factory farming is unsustainable because of the risks it poses to human health.



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