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Perception February 6, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

so subjective, yet so subject to the perception of others. sometimes i am sure that i wouldn’t notice or look for things if not for my friends forcing a change in perception of others. we’ll call this inacting perception interpretation an interface, and its not always user friendly. i love you all, honestly



1. nilsinedeo - February 6, 2006

No more calling me drunk, leaving a crap voicemail, thinking you hung up, and then leaving me a minutes-long message of you talking to your friends.

2. privateninja - February 6, 2006

What are you doin?? I want some! 😛

3. anonymous - February 6, 2006

ben here. the way i sees it, after some time you’ll be forced to take the advice of others, if only through osmosis. this advice will inevitably clash with real-life experience (as talk is cheap) and the resulting mess is yours to sort out—and shape something self-affirming out of, depending on how high you sit on the intellectual food chain.

it also doesn’t hurt to forget that a lot of people are knob-gobbling slutcookies. ^__^

4. skewgee - February 6, 2006

appearantly this happened to a couple people. i should use that lock feature on my cellie phones buttons so i don’t accidently call people anymore

5. skewgee - February 6, 2006

playing the fool

6. skewgee - February 6, 2006

i believe i fall into the later catagory.

7. sahmeer - February 6, 2006


Where’s my love?

8. dirty_vejin - February 7, 2006

Very nice photo dear.

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