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Devil got my woman February 7, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I fall asleep, and as we know sobriety will make a man do stranger things than innebriation. If only for this reason, the dreams had a lucid nature that had escaped me for quite some time. But a new element this time, in communicado – almost an interaction in astral projection.
It started as many dreams do, with a hazy nature that makes them classifiable. I am being chased in an escape from some annonymous villian, this time with another sort that I can identify from real life. We are climbing out of the factory environment, when the lights go out. I am too afraid to cross the high and narrow bridge crossing my way out with the door on the other end; there I realise my friend ahead of me on the other side is in it for themselves. Just as the villainous forces capture me I “wake up”.
I find myself back in my bedroom, where another seemingly empty presense is with me. I foolishly pull the covers over me, but of course they can pass through and come closer to me. In a fearful outburst I demand the presence to identify themselves and their nature to me. They oblige my request, revealing their presence in the form of a young woman. She has short red hair, blue eyes, is wearing a brown shirt, and has a green aura. Slowly I recognize them through an immediate sense of overwhelming peace, and grow comfortable if only through familiarity with “the girl” from dreams past (though she often looks different). I have control in this lucid experience, and because it is not a sexual dream (and I know a few of you were guessing this) I am put at ease in communication.
As we begin to talk, closely laying next to each other as we often do, she tells me about my fearful reaction to the world. Even in her entrance, a benign influence, I grew hostile and fearful. Fear, she tells me, has been holding me back from wishes. Of course she knows what I want, so she begins telling me to act on my wishes. It is exactly my repressed, fearful reactions that are the only thing keeping me from bringing my will into the world. I feel silly for such a simple principle to be forgotten; I should act on my wishes in order to make them a reality. Most importantly, she tells me my wishes are what is correct for me, and that with action they would easily be brought to fruition. I do not hesitate, but I have already asked her when I might her someday (I think I missed the point). All she can do is smile and remind me that this lucid experience will pass again until I seek it out.

People I know in real life have started playing a larger role in my dreams as of late. They hardly did before. I am sure I’ve never met them in reality, but in this state I have known them before. Take heed of perception altered – only I can make myself so helpless, where in action I form an ecstatic reality.



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