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Blamegate February 11, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Somewhere in the past year I lost sight of beltway. I could have made a list of things the administration wasn’t doing to improve the lives of my fellow citizens. The problem now is that the list of things the administration has been doing wrong is too long to possibly offer a list of things that should be done. By the time people like myself have shot down a social security initiative or a change in medicare or a cut in student loans, they just move on to the next item in their agenda. There is no time to offer initiatives, which is why when approval of all branches of the right-wing controlled government are at an all time low, the opposition parties are not doing any better.
This week in washington it was time to blame those above us; to remove personal responsibility. While Jack Abramoff was busy blaming politicans for accepting the corruptive influence of lobbyists like himself, the new house majority leader (who was brought in as the “reform” canidate) was discovered to be literally in-bed with the lobbyists. Sure, he pays fair-market value to rent a basement level apartment from the lobbyist representing industry regulated by his house sub-committee. Eureka Washitonians! “Why even bother explaining yourselves at a time of war”, says Alberto Gonzalez as he smiles into the cameras before the Senate Judiciary committee. After all, how can you discount the precrdent our nation’s founding fathers using warrantless electronic wiretaps? Even Scooter Libby, having felt left out of the blame game, is playing along by admitting that he was authorised to release classified information from his superiors (no Mr. Cheney, we were looking at Mr. Rove).
It almost seems like a covert tactic as the beltway falls into Anarchy. If the politicians are allowed to blame those others in power for their mistakes, are we supposed to accept personal responsibility ourselves? In this the right-wing ideology, even as its structure crumbles on live television, have already won. This is where a decisive, if misguided, leader like the President is at his strongest; taking action, denying accountability, and leaving the american people to pick up the pieces. It’s what he ran on in 2000, and it’s what we’re left with until god knows when. Maybe the president’s god knows when, but they really ought to disconnect the intercom into the lincoln bedroom (you hear me now Mr. Cheney). Thank goodness – the stronger they come the harder they fall (no matter who, them or you).



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