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Spiral Staircase February 22, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Truth is not a defense
If no opinion is right
When I am around you
It makes me so uptight

All suspects are
Guilty until proven
Don’t slander that
Which their is no

I am probably the last person to realize this, but the further I go down the rabbit hole the less I am able to communicate with others. Fortunately this subjective perspective is based in the presumption of objective academic reality. The more I interact in arguementative dialog (not in tone, but style of discussion) the further removed I am from my comrads in the terms of discussion. Although I continually step back to ask them to define their terms, it is my terms of definition of a certain more specified sort that are making communication much more dificult. In the meantime, my desire to probe to the root assumptions and value judgements made in arguement consume most of my discussion. The abstraction, or removal from value judgement, I take for the sake of arguement interferes unduly as my friends confuse the arguement I’m making with what I really think about the subject. That if the slaughterhouse has even a trace amount of decency.

Of course in virtue it is important to consider what is actionable; for intent does not always make its means. If we are to judge men on their observable actions, good intent does not necessarily makes means good. And there I go again making value judgements from the ivory tower I am ascending. Maybe I should exercize my right to privacy instead, justifying their ends until I slowly disapear in the distance bewteen us.



1. eazymeat6969 - February 23, 2006

i don’t think it’s EVER an issue of being unable to communicate—you’re confusing a heightening of your personal standards with going down a rabbit hole (a negative thing), when the former cannot BE any more positive! as you become more focused on your own personal beliefs and philosophies, people who really want to hear should be listening harder.

and thus: if people can’t pay attention to the wonderful things you have to say…i dunno, mate, seems like their loss.

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