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Rough draft (history) March 3, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Yesterday the President of the United States of America signed an agreement with the Indian Prime Minister to exchange information about nuclear energy (India is already a nuclear power, the 10th incarbation of vishnu ushering in Shiva the destroyer) via special student visas to nuclear scientists. In return for these valuable skills, India has agreed to give the US Mangos.
Call me crazy (I sm), but I think we can bargain for soemthing more equilviant for our nuclear secrets. Maybe it was time to play it safe: with the President’s approval ratings at the lowest point of the presidency, with barely a third of the country standing behind an incompotent madman, this seems like a sweetheart deal to entice us with our appetites. After all, when a majority of american’s no longer trust his leadership over terrorism (his leading issue/cause), none of us have ever heard of attack by mango. Then again, as the President was heard to say ”

(edit/continuation later)



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