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Nocturnal Transmission March 4, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

djbox88 (12:27 AM) :

hot damn there are a lot of people at home and online 2night

djbox88 (12:27 AM) :

more than on weekedays

driedgum (12:27 AM) :

i know!

djbox88 (12:28 AM) :


driedgum (12:29 AM) :

well, i WAS supposed to go out, but colin never called. that’s my excuse.

djbox88 (12:31 AM) :

i was out celebrating my friend’s b-day for like 12 hours

driedgum (12:31 AM) :


djbox88 (12:31 AM) :

i thought i’d just get lunch with them, and we had a little voyage

djbox88 (12:31 AM) :

and got nowhere

driedgum (12:32 AM) :

at least spontanaety was there!

djbox88 (12:33 AM) :

and dead car batteries. and getting kicked out of prep school lots. and ice cream. and “the mall”. and africa. plus billy corgan

driedgum (12:35 AM) :

jesus. that’s a hell of a 12 hour span.

djbox88 (12:36 AM) :

actually it was kinda slow, but you can get a lot done in 12 hours by slacking

driedgum (12:36 AM) :

done, or not done…depending on the rate of slackage..

djbox88 (12:37 AM) :

well, it started with a theory of work vs anti-work

djbox88 (12:37 AM) :

the further in either extreme, the stronger the resitance pulling you to normalcy

driedgum (12:39 AM) :

that explains why suburban kids turn out so screwy.

djbox88 (12:40 AM) :

it can be mapped through an absolute value for x equal to y

driedgum (12:43 AM) :

….math confuses the ben. i smash table now.

djbox88 (12:45 AM) :

i am blessed with geekiness from his noodly appendage

driedgum (12:45 AM) :




1. nilsinedeo - March 4, 2006
2. skewgee - March 4, 2006

my god. i used “and” as a rhetorical device, and look what subconcious implication came out? deconstructing language is useful

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