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Scattershot March 7, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I keep catching glimpses, fleeting as feeling. Scattered portraits of lives in direct connection, skewed by self-doubt. Tis not an uncommon occurence, and one I’d ordinarily attach to age and other such socio-somatic information. But I like to be informed and enlightened about these thing.
There exist an infinite number of potentials of particle and self in any situation. They jump from one place to another with spirited ease but cast doubt over movement. Our generation, even those promised great things through discipline, are as trapped as those with no focus at all. Those caught by immediate gratification have no hope when they can’t imagine past today’s potential, yet those looking towards the bigger picture are daunted by the enormity of any process to obtain. It is sytemic pressure reinforcing paralysis of the self. There merely remains choice over cause.
Humor the new fracture; the crack in the wall is a new opening of the gate. You’ve always had the potential to move, but you must choose to do so. The will is strong, the struggle painfull in the present means, and the result itself just part of the reward. Come to collect the fissured pieces, aseemble them into pattern, and observe the move made. Bittersweet and beautiful all of you, all the world; it makes me grateful to see and know. How can I help?



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