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subculture clash (copyright infringement) April 5, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

***Update – This taudry fool spoke too soon already. The Flamming Lips’ new album “at War with the Mystics” is out as of today. By now I’ve bought said record. Looks like the record cmpanies are taking leaks straight on these days – another fine byproduct of pirating and pillaging. This is not a retraction as much as an addition. (if you’re really nice to me, i’ll write a full review sometime later this week – if you’re mean, I will do the same by writing a review).***

There’s enough buzz about album leaks today you could swear Eminem had a new record coming out. Unfortunately for the painkiller industry and alienated suburban youth everywhere, the buzz is about a very different kind of act – namely The Flamming Lips. While crowds clamor over the best bootleg versions of the band covering Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” in full Wayne’s World singalong glory, a few tracks from their forthcoming release have fallen into their pirates hands. In the grand traditon of rum-runners of the past, I can give you a sample of what lays in store yet somewhere at the bottom of the barrel.
If the leaked tracks so far are any indication, the Flamming Lip[s have started setting into a sonic vocabulary of sorts. Understanding that no band, even themselves, can ever make “The Soft Bulletin” again, the Flamming Lips extract their best impression of morbid enthusiasm in their new record. A kind of mix between the sharp symphonic breaks and guitar driven crecendos the band has perfected on previous releases is the formula the band brings back here. Alternating between the kind of moving progressive melodies over meditations on human nature and infinite sadness and some kind of yacht rock verse sturcture, the band is clearly riding the middle ground of “Soft Bulletin”‘s lyrical verbose and “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”‘s symphonic majesty. The sound is easily recognizable – I heard one of the new tracks played on the radio first and immediately new it was their new song. The result is decidedly less fanciful as Wayne plays up his master guru of simplicity role fans have adopted while Steve continues making soundtracks to metaphysical dramas.

I’m not sure how much their fans want the band to continue taking risks on each record, but it looks like you won’t find a departure or development on the Flaming Lips’ upcoming release. The sound sounds almost tailor-made for their existing fan base if only by being rooted in previous efforts. If you’re new to the sound, or curious to see if I’m just being prejudiced again, you’ll be looking for the album to drop (like me) somtime early this summer.
(I will not take back what I have said. This is my [pirate]ninja way.)



1. eazymeat6969 - April 5, 2006

by all indications, the flaming lips have handled the pressures of becoming ONE OF THE BIGGEST FREAKING BANDS IN THE WORLD (on top of being pegged one-hit wonders and worse) pretty well. good for them! they deserve it!

it’s gonna be an exciting summer…

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