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a retraction April 17, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

In light of recent happenings and a changing enviorment, I am prepared to make a retraction of many of the complaints listed in THIS ARTICLE. IT was the subject of much chargin between me and my friends for awhile now, and I have stuck to my line because much of it is true. But, and it’s a big one, I am a member of this community.
While it is true that St. Louis is very much like the insular atmosphere of a small town, I am inside of the these circles. I can find things that you just have to have heard of. The glory that the city has known in the past is still what makes St. Louis such a great place to live. Nostaglia in itself is not what I speak of, because remnants of it are still alive in different nieghborhoods. The reason ST. Louis is not a beacon of culture is not the hoosiers on the outskirts, but the actions attempting to bring them back in. Every time the rich history of neighborhoods is paved over for a strip mall or a housing complex, a bit of the ethnic flavor of the town is lost by turning it into a suburb. We literally pave over our history, but as long as it stays in our hearts and minds, ST. Louis is a great, culturally rich place to live.
Now if we just had an easier account of German socialists in this neighborhood and FRench anarchists there, it might be even easier to finda good time.

PS – the Botanical garden is great on weekdays too, and the smell of spring permiates an otheriwse smog soaked neighborhood. Be sure to check the new photography exhibit on show at the Art Museum (yes, the only one). And this is perfect camping weather in the midwest – grab a friend or two for the ride and make it a trip.



1. eazymeat6969 - April 17, 2006

st. louis is great? fucking right it is! you just have to dig deeper, or be in the right neighborhood, because unlike some other cities, we don’t buy into our own hype or eat our own bullshit. it’s so much word of mouth and spontanaety.

just stay the hell away from the county..!

also, in regard to socialists and anarchists, there used to be HUGE nests of them around.. lemme think.. cherokee, bevo and the (now radically different) central west end, if i’m not mistaken. although much like today, the two groups don’t really mesh well..

2. skewgee - April 17, 2006

aye, the “radically different” central west end has a history of changing; same as ever, my good friend

3. nilsinedeo - April 17, 2006

The botanical gurden is supposed to have an exibit or some guy’s neat glass scupltures too, sometime late this month (or maybe in May?) til June, I think.

I half read an article about it, trying to find the ads in the Sunday paper.

4. skewgee - April 18, 2006

some of it is already there. call me if ya wanna check it out

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