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Andy Rooney was out tonight April 17, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

It’s that time of year again, but I don’t ever remember being this distressed about taxes. Sure, a journalist like myself can afford them, but should I even have to pay them? Now sure some social programs of government construction seem beneficial, even necessary; not to mention some of those cut over the past year. And yes, my taxes have been cut drasticly the last several years, to the point where I contribute minimum in spite of social accountability. But it seems that the incentive to contribute and improve myself is diminished in a tax bracket that chages at least a quarter of my income until I approach an income that negates losses of those kind. Even if I were to garner a career of respectability, any monentary gain short of poverty just pushes me back that much harder. None of this is to speak of any political reasons to withold taxes, though it seems increasingly dubious how my efforts if any will be spent by a government that doesn’t benefit those at the bottom of the tax bracket by gutting social programs will spend my money. In the vietnam era thousands of individuals protested by witholding their dues (much lower in cost-benefit ratio then today), only to have the full faith and credit of the US government use those troops threaten them into paying. In a government of and BUY the people, the minimum owed is a filing of their expenses in a way we might understand and consent to.
I’m Thadius Elliot, and I approved this message.



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