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Consumating to Come May 31, 2006

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Her laugh is an aphrodesiac
Like a thousand love songs torn in pieces
Where pretension ceases
Tickeld that it pleases.

Caught a glimpse in conversation’s comedy
Four of use when there were no comments b4
For me no one else will come close
Who knew to turn tags to prose?

“text messaging makes for
intimate firednships. Pals who
only communicate face to face
have less chummy relationships.
According to a
Japanese study.”


stayed up ’til sunrise many mornings
caught in conversation while calling collect
but the day did not deconstruct
cause the closeness didn’t come soon enough.

“skinny boy, all bones no lies.
you’re so miserable in the morning.
will you wait up for me?
its sorted and I cant find my feet,
and you’ve got lips I could
spend a day with.”

I could only reach into the air, but I could not
spend enough time if it couldn’t come soon enough.


My memorial day May 30, 2006

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There is rudeness in the air of the parkside picnic and sales at shopping malls.  The crimson tales of the good war roll through the mouths of men.  It is a lazy summer afternoon with Barbeque poolside, and strawberries ripe for the picking. I woke up late, drank coffee, and worked my way through the uneventful HOLIday.  Same as ever, cept my friend was in dire straights at a mall’s closing.  Take tea and book by hand and guide your way through the day sitting.  Et tu Brutei? Shakespeare in the park made for an interesting sunset, as the storms of the ides eve were preceeded by showers.  Each thunder clap for Julius Caesar was a message from ye gods on memorial day.  There is honor in etiher side, and a beer in my hand over poltical specters. The archetyoe carried back as my pair of weary travelers met another at my sanctuary.  The smoke lifted the cards of fortune told to greater meaning.  Perhaps the majesty was in the two muses of yore present, but there was nothing to make much of it.  Stories shared in split sentances, leaving me feeling as though an intruder in my own space. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m gonna get there soon. How can one boy be so lucky to know so many of the right people?  The people that make you happy, the people that make you get outside, and the people who do both without trying.  They comb into references previously forgotten and peel back old wounds.  But they also come to heal them as time passes comes some clarity.  Even breathing through the smoke.

Memorial day May 29, 2006

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ok, so i can’t decide what i should post just yet.  what kind of screed about the war and those in office are you looking forward to me posting?  i might take up a request/challenge today.

Five Days May 28, 2006

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It is less than a week, but each day feels like another year.  Yet there is never enough time within each day to do what is needed, with an abundance of days numbered yet to come.  How can time so short seems so long if not for only thinking of how it puts our lives together.  I wish the same could be said for space.

331 May 27, 2006

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Looking inward  
Valid during several weeks: At this time it is good to look inward and reflect upon deep psychological truths within yourself. This influence often signifies conversations and intellectual encounters that have a profound effect upon your mind, causing you to go deep within yourself and make changes in your point of view or ways of thinking. This time is conducive to very deep thinking, sometimes including thoughts about your own and your loved ones’ mortality. Reflecting upon these matters from time to time in moderation can help to keep your life in perspective, but don’t get too carried away by thoughts of death, because this can draw you away from the here and now.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Mercury in the 8th HouseMercury 8
activity period from 23 May 2006 to 8 June 2006.

Abuse of the Blogodrome Paging System May 25, 2006

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American Dream blog will be taking another detour in New York City, from June 1st through 8th. I am fool, with good intentions; just another red-blooded American like you brother. Don’t bother trying to talk me out of it – even if you’re right I should really learn that lesson then. Sorry, but you are not welcome to come along.
I swore I’d stop using this thing like this. Explanation to follow that week.

Freedom of Expression May 23, 2006

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In it’s short history the United States has consistently made efforts to curtail the Constitutionally protected freedoms of expression in times when it is faced with a new threat to it’s national security. John Locke’s social contract theory establishes the basis for these kinds of restrictions on the consent of the governed, who give the government the authority to govern over them in return for their personal security and the promise to safeguard their natural rights. For instance, Abraham Lincoln used his power of executive order to arrested the publishers of a paper for a story about a renewed draft call, as they thought it was likely to cause riots – a clear violation of the freedom of the press. But as the mood of the country changed after the war, the same government established the Fourteenth Amendment to make sure all states enforced equal application of constitutional rights of its citizens.
As elected representatives of their people, the Congress should represent the collective mood of their citizenry during their term in office, and so the laws they make come to reflect this sometimes. When representatives make laws that curtail freedom too much, the citizens can respond by electing someone else. A good example is the Alien-Sedition act, which was created only in anticipation of war with France (which never happened obviously). Although the courts upheld the conviction of a newspaper publisher who made seditious statements against those in power, the enforcement of this law became a major motivator behind the overturning of the Federalist party in favor of Jeffersonian Democrats in the next election cycle. At other times a law that curtails freedom is difficult to or the government is unwilling to enforce. The Smith Act that punishes seditious speech was created in expectation of WWII, and later used to prosecute communists in response to the new threat posed by Soviet expansionism. In time the courts significantly narrowed how the law could be applied because of the challenge it posed to the Constitution, and by the 1960s although the threat continued the government was unwilling to enforce the law against those protesting the Vietnam war – a change in the pervasive view of the balance of freedom against national security.
If Chafee’s opinion that “In war time..speech should be unrestricted by the censorship or by punishment, unless it is clearly liable to cause dangerous and direct interference with the conduct of war” is true, then the US has a poor history of balancing the two opinions. With each succeeding new threat to national security comes another effort to curtail the freedoms that are Constitutionally protected. The Patriot Act is just the latest example of a law made that is now being questioned by the populace. But in a democracy the will of citizens to subject themselves to laws that limit their free expression is largely the product of their mood, and the decision to return freedoms also their responsibility at the ballot box.