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from the archives: “understudy” May 3, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Wood chips, chizzling away, scrapped knees, weak.
Be well, morning bell, roll call tetherball.
seperate class, special school, attention spread, slide rule.
measuring up, jotting down, notes of knowledge, understood.
boundries beyond, reinforced through, children’s gullible games.
point and laugh, stick out by social entrainment.
time out, in class, money talk, speak out.
Order changed, gender play, shoes tied, slip knots.
Pull ups, push down, chase round, “you’re it”.
Red Robin, times tables, aesop’s fables, adopted tales.
Taken on, you belong, they reject, class neglect.
Authority, insulence, work ethic, challenge.

Does it form us or destroy us?
For me it was something in between.



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