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Fear and Loathing in Tiajuana May 4, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

djbox88 (12:02 AM) :

mexico has legalised all drugs illegal in the US

Lentic (12:03 AM) :

im sorry what?

Lentic (12:03 AM) :

…… all drugs?

Lentic (12:03 AM) :

is this a plot to take over America by getting us so stoned that we don’t care that they take over?

djbox88 (12:04 AM) :

no, i think its a plan to lure us into mexico and wander aimlessly

Lentic (12:04 AM) :

….. isn’t that the same thing?

Lentic (12:05 AM) :

i mean the heart of the american dream really is to get lost and wonder aimlessly in the desert right?

Lentic (12:05 AM) :

stoned and ripped of course =]

djbox88 (12:06 AM) :

you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole if you start thinking like those swine

Lentic (12:06 AM) :


Lentic (12:07 AM) :

we want nothing, nothing!!

djbox88 (12:07 AM) :

only with drugs can a swine fit through the eye of the rabbit hole

Lentic (12:08 AM) :

mmmm arn’t we melodramatic tonight?

djbox88 (12:08 AM) :

get the hell out of here you fool! don’t you know the sandistas are coming

djbox88 (12:08 AM) :

our minutemen won’t last one

Lentic (12:09 AM) :


Lentic (12:09 AM) :

ur right ur right

djbox88 (12:10 AM) :

in other news, tequilla just became better

Lentic (12:10 AM) :

the only sensable thing to do now is to get the hell out of las vegas

Lentic (12:10 AM) :

viva la worm

djbox88 (12:11 AM) :

Res Ipsa Loquitor


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