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fighting the spector May 4, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

djbox88 (10:31 PM) :

you are out of line good sir!

driedgum (10:31 PM) :


driedgum (10:31 PM) :

and what line??

djbox88 (10:31 PM) :

your behavior is off the walls!

driedgum (10:32 PM) :

walls? which walls? i didn’t see any walls!

djbox88 (10:34 PM) :

you broke them you fool!

driedgum (10:34 PM) :

oh hell!

driedgum (10:34 PM) :

that explains a lot.

djbox88 (10:34 PM) :

here’s your bill

driedgum (10:35 PM) :

i’m already being billed by everyone else

djbox88 (10:35 PM) :

tough, we have documented special damages

djbox88 (10:36 PM) :

you broke several priceless items

djbox88 (10:36 PM) :

and you break, you buy

driedgum (10:36 PM) :

like what?!?

djbox88 (10:36 PM) :


driedgum (10:36 PM) :


djbox88 (10:36 PM) :


driedgum (10:36 PM) :

apparently not, for $500!

djbox88 (10:37 PM) :

we only accept mastercard

driedgum (10:37 PM) :

all i got’s Visa, and as of yesterday it’s been maxed out

djbox88 (10:38 PM) :

get out of my house!

driedgum (10:38 PM) :

i only said i’m in “da” house, not “your” house!

djbox88 (10:38 PM) :

thank you for banking with US Bank

driedgum (10:38 PM) :


driedgum (10:39 PM) :


djbox88 (10:40 PM) :

not in the house of mansons

djbox88 (10:40 PM) :


djbox88 (10:40 PM) :

the mansons are another story

driedgum (10:41 PM) :


djbox88 (10:41 PM) :

we kill our own children, thank you much

driedgum (10:41 PM) :

i don’t have any children to kill!

djbox88 (10:42 PM) :

you go tell that to the boys over there in the grove, because we can’t aford to

djbox88 (10:42 PM) :

secret world power is expensive

driedgum (10:43 PM) :

what, the ones protesting the wage cut per boxes of picked fruit? YOU tell the workers to stop striking.

djbox88 (10:43 PM) :

no, the ones worshiping that silly Bablonian god with ex-represidents outside of San Fransisco

djbox88 (10:46 PM) :

well, more in the William S Burroughs/Ronald Reagan contingient


driedgum (10:47 PM) :


still recalling all active agents nonetheless. and spreading the bloodborne biological warfare.


djbox88 (10:47 PM) :

we’re fighting them there, so we won’t have to here


driedgum (10:48 PM) :


oh hell, boy, you have to cut off the snake at the head. we don’t want them in our backyards.


djbox88 (10:49 PM) :

they got hydra snakes on that motherfucking plane


driedgum (10:49 PM) :


well, they got the snakes on their side. they keep good company, the corporate worms.


djbox88 (10:50 PM) :

okay, we’ll settle for $100 and you playing the lute to hypnotise the snakes


driedgum (10:44 PM) :


oh, the post-beat beats picking up where kerouac’s ghost left off.


driedgum (10:52 PM) :


driedgum (10:44 PM) :

i’ll be this generation’s pied piper yet..!

i dig.



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