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just between us May 4, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

djbox88 (12:12 AM) :

there’s a sucker born every time an engine roars

Lentic (12:13 AM) :

hey youi have to stress the rear end for stress factors!

djbox88 (12:14 AM) :

otherwise you’re liable to tear the whole goddamn thing apart. in my many years, i still haven’t been able to explain that to the dealer

Lentic (12:14 AM) :

me either

Lentic (12:14 AM) :

its the only sensable thing to do

Lentic (12:15 AM) :

if i had any sense right now thats what I would be doing

Lentic (12:16 AM) :

see i knew there was a good reason i should be having anal sex right now!

djbox88 (12:18 AM) :

you’re in the mood to serve 2 months in a texas state prison

djbox88 (12:18 AM) :

statuatory sodomy law is a danger to all free men

Lentic (12:20 AM) :

and all not so free women

Lentic (12:27 AM) :

so when is president bush going to spend his time in jail for statuatory sodomy?

Lentic (12:27 AM) :

i mean we all know he took it in the ass from all those oil tycoons

djbox88 (12:28 AM) :

the minute they take the 20 gauge rectal breech cheney gave him last time they hunted in crawford

Lentic (12:29 AM) :


Lentic (12:29 AM) :

poor bush

Lentic (12:29 AM) :

i don’t feel sorry for him in the least

djbox88 (12:30 AM) :

i can’t believe it took this long to get people to realize everything he does turns to shit

djbox88 (12:31 AM) :

only natural i suppose after all those austin enemas

Lentic (12:32 AM) :

ya those are reallly good

Lentic (12:32 AM) :

my ass is still clean and I was there 3 years ago\

djbox88 (12:32 AM) :

A Midland Martini helps keep Cheney regular

djbox88 (12:33 AM) :


Lentic (12:33 AM) :


djbox88 (12:37 AM) :

now that’s what I call a dirty bomb

Lentic (12:37 AM) :

ohhh god lol

djbox88 (12:38 AM) :

we must stop the terrorist killers…now watch this (car) drive

Lentic (12:41 AM) :

gahhhh brain overloading …….!!!!!!! …….

Lentic (12:41 AM) :

KAAAABOOOOMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lentic (12:41 AM) :

*splatter * * splatter *

djbox88 (12:42 AM) :

it’s fuzzy math!



1. nilsinedeo - May 4, 2006

I had better not read it then, seeing as your intarwebs humor goes over my head. :B

2. skewgee - May 4, 2006

this post is about poltical figures, sodomy, and oil. i think it applies to the lowest common denominator (i’m afraid it’s true)

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