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Immigrant Acceptance Day May 5, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

homelessspork (07:07 PM) :
what does cinco de mayo have instore for you
djbox88 (07:08 PM) :
essay writing. and you?
homelessspork (07:08 PM) :
oooo that sucks
djbox88 (07:08 PM) :
aw hell. i got 364 more days to appreciate mexican culture
djbox88 (07:08 PM) :
i’ll make up for by participating in an immigrant’s march
homelessspork (07:09 PM) :
…and drinking tequila
djbox88 (07:10 PM) :
maybe later
djbox88 (07:10 PM) :
i’ll be lucky if any is left at the store
djbox88 (07:10 PM) :
maybe i’ll just have some cervesa
homelessspork (07:10 PM) :
just make your own tequila
djbox88 (07:11 PM) :
easier said than done
homelessspork (07:11 PM) :
its gotta be what? like piss and dirt or something
djbox88 (07:11 PM) :
those plants have razor sharp leaves
homelessspork (07:11 PM) :
oh, and a worm
djbox88 (07:11 PM) :
it’s one of the most dangerous liquors to make, even before it’s breweed
homelessspork (07:12 PM) :
i celebrated ealier with my mexican friend Manuel Labor
djbox88 (07:12 PM) :
homelessspork (07:12 PM) :
…laying paving stones
djbox88 (07:13 PM) :
avoiding immigration agents?
homelessspork (07:13 PM) :
alittle of that too
djbox88 (07:13 PM) :
remember to keep your card ready
djbox88 (07:14 PM) :
btw, can i get a replacement National ID?
homelessspork (07:14 PM) :
i dont know
djbox88 (07:14 PM) :
maybe i’m thinking a little too far into the future
djbox88 (07:16 PM) :
el hermano mayor le adora


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