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Overexposure May 17, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Tonight I told somebody confused by the meaning of my name “Skewgee” (they thought it meant “awesome”) to look it up. For some odd reason they did – they Googled it. Upon suggesting I do this same, I uncovered a startling discovery – I am on every page of the internet. See for yourself –

It took me three pages into the search query to find something that did not involve my omnipresence. After four pages of results, only two links had nothing to do with my handiwork. Am I becoming overexposed, an avatar of impression upon others?

To be sure I am definetely in touch with the internet culture. I use it to enhance my reach over meta cultural trend and seubculture alike. And to top this all off, I am begining to question where the internet ends and my life begins. After all, if the internet is a mode of connecting ideas and people, how is that any different from my real life? It is only presumptive of me in saying that the world in front of me is real, and not a projected reality like the one on the internet. Does that make any real difference?

So I’m going to catapult my internet omnipresence into the mainstream. The following transcription is from one of the popular messageboard entries I made that came up in the search query. Apperantly, a few of my phrases like “Irony is dead…Long Live Irony!” has entered the everyday world of other individuals. Perhaps you’d like to amagalate the queen’s english with me?:
“gangsterology is defined the study of gansta culture. An example to study in Gangsterology is called a “Gangsterologram”, which is any media reflecting gangsta culture, such as a “tight” rap beat. These gansterolograms are influenced heavily by the gangsta culture, whether in film, music, television, or even comic. Hell, even a reference to said gangsterology related saying in a passing conversation is a gangsterologram. These are all under study by Gangsterologists, the modern anthropologists. Word.”

Peace out.



1. tastycookies - May 17, 2006



2. skewgee - May 17, 2006

it is reasonable and healthy to laugh at science

3. adam_alligator - May 18, 2006

add me svp?

4. skewgee - May 18, 2006

take a look around

5. homeless_spork - May 18, 2006

this is going straight to your head isn’t it?

6. skewgee - May 19, 2006

if this hadn’t been a pandora’s box of my own creation, maybe. my ego gets stimulation offline

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