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Dreams lost May 19, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I was going to talk about a dream, but as usual it was forgotten upon the moment I rose from my bed. This tends to be true for most people, but it is very disapointing for me.
Although the lucid quality of my dreams has been lost over the last several months, there is on the other hand the added dimension of reality. A few months ago I wrote about a trend that has not ceased; more and more people from my waking life enter the dreams in sleep. These kind of dreams are thought to resolve conflict the concious mind in unwilling to, but for someone like myself who is bound to misinterpret it in all the right ways these dreams continue to challenge my perception of reality. If a dream can be very real in quality and other people are out of my control in them, how is it that different from being awake? How would we know?
The strange part of dreams as of late has involved the internet. If the world around me is but a projection, or a created reality, is the internet any different. It is only my subjective perception that makes us seperate. Interacting with people is all about connections made, severed, ceased, and completed, but we do the same things with people on the internet. What more is an avatar than a semi-serious self-actualization? I’m not presuming that the internet is a tangible world (although I’m sure Cisco Systems has a very different conception), but rather arguing that we cannot presume it to less real than our conception of reality or that the two are even seperate.
So let’s argue about this…



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