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Scavenger Hunt May 21, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Life happens in a journey between places known everyday but never noticed and places still exotic but overappreciated. Your problems do not escape you when you try to flee them, nor do solutions arise when you try to contain them. Every mistake can lead to a solution, but every decision that seems correct might be a mistake. Problems in short seem to stem from self.
The bleary eyed mass learns much from the pieces they can put together, as they run around town to amass them into a story. The clues offer a timeline, though they only make sense at a distance it takes to get there. Every wrong decision carries a lesson with it, every positive experience just as necessary. The sensory making little sense without a conext to put it together. You will come to an understanding through the experience.
Consequences are irrelevant when every possibility expresses itself for a purpose of its design. Consequences are positive and negative, yet not relative to the experience in itself. The experience had to happen, and its meaning is revealed in the totality of consequences. Do not become raptured in the immediate aftermath, or an expression might implode.
How do you judge the actions of a journey you have not taken? Should you judge any action, reguardless of preliminary impressions, you negate any effect of the self-contained decesion. You stagnate growth that is self-generative by cutting off the unwanted parts. It leaves us without the reach towards that which makes us grow, like an amputation of self. Were you ever attracted to the mutilated?
We create the issue, but a problem is a problem. By creating additional consequences to a decision we burden us all from the natural lesson. We cut ourselves off in the process. And that’s what growth is, a process. You might uproot, but the process is undertaken from within all the while. To pick apart pieces is to ignore the totality of being.



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