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cycle sun May 23, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I have always appreciated the sun’s rise and set over the earth spun round, much more so than any other time of day or night. In either case when the sun reaches over the horizon, lighting all of earth’s bounty it rises towards, it meets your line of sight in the half blinding beauty exposing all it touches. The shadows run deep through obsticles man made and natural, and layers appear that wouldn’t be there at noon or midnight. As a cycle these similar extremes bring you back to the middle of your life.
The sunset is a tad overated though, but we know it better. It may be the end of your work day, but it is certainly the close of all animal’s scatter. The heat of the day rises from a changed earth, but unlike the fog of morning it offers a smooth close to a long summer day. Even the orange glow seems to remind you of the heat of a day slowly passing into a deep purple of nightfall. It is a warm time for those we share with at the end of that day, something to look westward to as the crystalization of a manifest destiny.
I knew little of sunrise in adolesence, and have come to appreciate it more and more over the years. With a back turned to the early easterly sun, you can appreciate the subtle change of purple into a birghter and briter blue as all the world wakes up. A frenzy of activity lay out your window, whether countryside or city. The sun stretches and pulls between the canopy of trees and glistens the muddy water over the hills and riverside. It is a sight to sit and watch as well as sunset, a magic of the waking world and the promises it offers.
Lord do I need some sleep.



1. lostininerspace - May 25, 2006

I miss you

2. skewgee - May 25, 2006

then you need to meet me in St. Louis before I leave in a week for NYC. we miss you too

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