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My memorial day May 30, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

There is rudeness in the air of the parkside picnic and sales at shopping malls.  The crimson tales of the good war roll through the mouths of men.  It is a lazy summer afternoon with Barbeque poolside, and strawberries ripe for the picking. I woke up late, drank coffee, and worked my way through the uneventful HOLIday.  Same as ever, cept my friend was in dire straights at a mall’s closing.  Take tea and book by hand and guide your way through the day sitting.  Et tu Brutei? Shakespeare in the park made for an interesting sunset, as the storms of the ides eve were preceeded by showers.  Each thunder clap for Julius Caesar was a message from ye gods on memorial day.  There is honor in etiher side, and a beer in my hand over poltical specters. The archetyoe carried back as my pair of weary travelers met another at my sanctuary.  The smoke lifted the cards of fortune told to greater meaning.  Perhaps the majesty was in the two muses of yore present, but there was nothing to make much of it.  Stories shared in split sentances, leaving me feeling as though an intruder in my own space. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m gonna get there soon. How can one boy be so lucky to know so many of the right people?  The people that make you happy, the people that make you get outside, and the people who do both without trying.  They comb into references previously forgotten and peel back old wounds.  But they also come to heal them as time passes comes some clarity.  Even breathing through the smoke.


1. anonymous - June 4, 2006

gwnw here.

I managed to make it to the park today for the Shakespeare play-time thing. I have to admit, Shakespeare was pushed aside for walking over Art Hill and enjoying the sunset and the swarms of mosquitos.

Hope your sunsets in NY are visable (good luck).

2. skewgee - June 5, 2006

please come back with an id so i can reply dear. are you another counsumater?

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