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End Transmission June 2, 2006

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I have arrived safely, and am i too tired to make the words i’ve wanted to say.  I got in town about 12:30 am for my estimate, so about 3 and a half hours late (ye gods, earlier than it seemed).  I was jerked around airports all day, and promptly enlisted the decidedly non-corporate transportation of the Gypsy cab.  Dear god Bubba!

The room makes for agreable living  except for one thing that’s been bothering me all day long – too much noise.  The highway and my music are too loud.  The airport and it’s planes and commuter check-ins are too loud.  The security gate and the passengers make far too much noise.  The Barking cab drivers looking for fresh meat and the city itself are too loud.  
I may be going deaf today, which makes me like a hollow imprint.  On it’s surface the print a hollow press makes has a definitive look, if only because it draws focus to the mark it made (lets call it a character).  However a hollow imprint is actucally defining the charecter by the suface of the ink – everything outside the charecter defines what it is.  The alternative, the pressing print in defined in bold charecter, drawing attention by its own print on the white sheet of paper.  I am feeling very controlled by this environment in all it’s noisy array.

Anyway, i’m excited/nervous/relieved to have finally made it.  The bird has perched.



1. dirty_vejin - June 2, 2006

Where’d you go?

2. skewgee - June 5, 2006

to NYC. I will come back with stories and a few pictures to prove it

3. dirty_vejin - June 7, 2006

Fantastic. Can’t wait.

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